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Feature Films

Feature films are the magnum opus of visual storytelling. There is no greater canvas for us to create, experiment, and push boundaries. Making a feature film is always going to be a life-changing journey and our passion ensures that whichever story we choose to tell, we do it well.

Corporate Videos

Corporate films have a language of their own, one that has to represent not one individual but the collective voice of thousands. A voice that passes down not just information but values that transcend generations. After over a decade of working in this space we understand what you need and pride ourselves at making films that resonate, engage and speak to your audiences.


Holding your audience’s attention in 5,10, or 30 seconds is one challenge and making sure they remember your brand in that time is another. The only way to overcome these challenges is to constantly innovate visually, and that is what we live for.


Stories are important, especially those stranger than fiction. But it is important to ignite the fire of these stories and not just summon the ashes in a retelling. They must be engaging and immersive in every respect to do justice to their subjects. The documentaries LMB produces are the stories that deserve to be told and we are honoured to be the ones telling them.

Explainer Videos

Everyone knows the mantra ‘Keep it simple,’ but sometimes simplicity can be difficult to achieve, however—never impossible. Understanding the essence of the product or service, weaving a story that highlights the process and features through a number of mediums to make their message inescapable… That’s the way we do it.

Animation & motion-graphics

Animation is where we let our imaginations run free. We experiment with everything from stop-motion, to compositing, to 2D animation. All these creative assets combined with sleek and tasteful motion graphics have helped us tell a number of complex stories in the most engaging ways.

Music Videos

We love music, yes as a collective, and bordering on obsession. This is why we believe that a music video is to elevate a song, irrespective of the genre. Every time we craft a music video we do a deep dive into the artist, the genre, the vision and of course the song. You will usually find us humming your tune for days.


Scale is impressive. Showcased in ads, corporate videos, and even feature films, our ability with the drone means you never have to worry about showing scale again. Adding a cinematic eye to what a drone can do, is the powerful concoction LMB offers.

The LMB Way

We invest in who you are and what you need to tell your story right. We care about your narrative.

LMB has been around for almost a decade, and over the course 500+ projects, we know one thing for sure, there is always a way to elevate a project. A way to make things better. Whether it’s finding the right idea or the right way to execute it, we do it all under one roof.

You are in good hands.

The LMB Way

Who we are

LMB is an award-winning production company that is home to a bunch of geeky, cool, misfits tied together by our one true love—Storytelling

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