About Us

LMB is an award-winning, end-to-end film production house always on the lookout for a good challenge and better donuts.

LMB or Let’s Make Better Productions is home to directors, editors, cinematographers, illustrators, producers, and other geeky, cool, misfits tied together by our one true love—stories.

Being an end-to-end video production company means that LMB is the one point of contact you need to receive a completely polished film—from concept to final cut. Whether the story is that of a brand, a romance, a product, or simply an event, we go to great lengths to ensure we understand the true essence of it. And from this very essence, we conceptualize, script, storyboard, shoot, edit and craft your vision.

Based in the cultural hub that is Pune since 2012, artists, musicians, start-ups and multinational companies have come to LMB with an idea and left with a film and a smile. Some of those brands include HCL Technologies, UBS, BMC Software, Amdocs, SanDisk, Western Digital, Epiroc, Decathlon, Carwale, KIA Motors, and Volkswagen.

We are a bunch of super excited, highly motivated film nerds and our love for cinema is as infectious as our refined snack pallet. No one at LMB is just one thing. So if you have a chance to work with this team, be rest assured that you will be encouraged to try your hand at all aspects of film production and grow along with us.

LMB is an open space where ideas meld together in our community coffee pot. So drop by for a hot cuppa and
Let’s Make Better.