Meet the Team

We are a bunch of super excited, highly motivated film nerds and our love for cinema is as infectious as our refined snack pallet.


Anurag’s approach to directing, writing, and editing is defined by his relationship with stories – it is a dedicated & disciplined devotion to the craft of filmmaking. His passion for visual storytelling led him to start LMB Productions in 2012. Over the last decade, he has been involved in over 300 projects as a writer, editor, animator, producer and director. His varied experience in everything visual from documentary to feature films has taught him that the true exhilaration of cinema is found when you push the boundaries, when you create worlds and characters and let them be stranger than fiction. As is the mark of a true creative, Anurag is always learning something new, be it playing the guitar, a language or how to skateboard. Meeting him means talking either about films, music, books or about the kind of ramen, breads or sauces he plans to create next.


Madhu’s cinematography style is as vibrant as the man himself. But what makes Madhu truly special is his willingness to go to any lengths to get the right shot - which once included running along a cavern following a subject with his eyes glued to a camera. When not obsessing over films, lights and frames (for hours), you can find him spending time with his family, cooking, swimming, and running. His only drawback? He supports Liverpool FC.


Architect, Disney Imagineer, 2D Animator, CG Generalist are all titles Soumya has held before but none really do her justice. Soumya is an artist, no matter the medium. She brings an original eye and a whole bunch of colour into everything she creates. Sustained by copious amounts of coffee, her natural habitat is the edit room, where she is seen nodding to tunes while creating gorgeous illustrations and animations out of thin air. A worshipper of trashy Netflix dramas, horror, and a flagbearer of dark humour, Soumya fits right in with the rest of the wonky LMB squad.


Sameer’s cinematography is his chosen canvas for expression. And it is as bold and purposeful as it can get. Having picked up a camera when he was in college, he could never let go of the strap thereafter. He has even picked up editing and colour grading but frames will always remain his first true love. His work on documentaries, web-series, and even feature films sing of his capabilities loud enough that he can afford to be quiet about it himself. Instead, he focuses his free time and energy on everything automobile, whether it be riding out, or watching races, both old and new.


Ashish has gotten so good at producing and making the impossible happen that the entire team now looks to him for everything non-work related as well. He has a natural gift for identifying compelling stories, and understanding people, whether they be clients or his own team. Add that to his skills with the camera, and his knack for managing time and resources, the bar of every video/film is raised when he is involved. And somehow, in the middle of all this, he also finds time to ride to the mountains, dream about his next bike, drool over craft beer, and make excellent coffee.


Akanksha is first and foremost, a lover of words. You’ll find her swimming in an ocean of books, gushing about an article she might have read and critiquing her own writing as ‘just about okay’ while the rest stare in awe at it. Couple that with her quick wit and the ability to get to the heart of the matter by breaking down brands, ideas, stories and people (only in a good way)… you get a powerhouse handling everything from brand building to discovering talent to writing scripts. And as proof that fate can be more than a bit partial to some people, she doodles adorable animals while cooking up a mean Thai curry.


Anurag Ramanujan or Rama as he is called to avoid any confusion, is the newest addition to the LMB crew. Full of good ideas and a calm head on his shoulders, it is his name that you will hear our director call out the most on shoots. Rama can always be trusted to know exactly what’s going on and where, keeping an eye out for the details while looking at the bigger picture. His love for music takes him down YouTube rabbit holes of underground songs and artists and on weekends you will find him in front of the TV watching Arsenal matches or F1 races.