The LMB Way

A peek into how we tell stories that stay with you.

We make Films

We ideate, conceptualise and visualise to ensure the right ingredients in each story- a bit of excitement, some emotion and heaps of engagement. And the best way to make something you like is to really get to know you. We do this through a stage full of ideation, collaboration and snacks for our writers as we script and storyboard a vision for your film.

We take a nice hard look at the script, flesh out each character, and analyse each frame. Once the script is set, it’s time to gear up for the shoot! You will hear our producer pacing around in circles as he makes calls and more calls to put together all the moving parts needed to bring your story to life. This is an extra busy time at the studio as each team preps themselves to do what they do best—shoot some awesome footage.

Now that we have planned the daylights out of the shoot, it's time for our in-house team of brilliant directors and cinematographers to take over the mantle. It is a treat to watch them on set, ultra-focused, in the zone, and immensely happy. We make sure to frame every shot with intention and make the most of our days on set. The team usually heads home from shoots caffeine pumped, exhausted yet satisfied.

Once the dust has settled, it’s time to put the film together. Having directors and editors under one roof means that the edit room transforms into a magical realm working in perfect sync. Our untamed footage video is bestowed with special effects, music, sound mixing, and of course, inputs from you to ensure we make a film everyone can be proud of.

That’s it. It's ready. Hardly complicated when you work with the right people. Because at the end of the day, what makes our films special is not the equipment or fancy workflows, it’s the people.

Passionate people, who are dedicated to making something good, something authentic. People from whom this journey was never just a job, or a part, or a shot, but a way to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

It’s always about making things better.

The LMB Way

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