LMB Originals Stories that stay with us have a home at LMB

Stories that stay with us have a home at LMB

Laal Maati
Feature Film

“Laal Maati” or “Red Earth”, set in Bamnoli, is a Marathi coming-of-age story of a 15-year-old boy who hopes to find his father by restoring a derelict boat with the help of his two best friends. The true soul of the film lies in the maturity and resourcefulness seen in these teens, and their struggle to step into adulthood without losing their innocence.

Pune Stories
Documentary Series

Pune is known to be a city of contradictions, where the ancient and traditional blend with the young and the modern. We wanted to pay tribute to the unique nature of Pune through a series of mini-documentaries, an archive of life in the city we love so much.

Zilla and Roach
Hindi Animated Web Series

Two best friends run a viral Youtube channel in a post-apocalyptic world. They just happen to be a radiation experiment gone wrong and a cockroach. Complete chaos ensues!

Mini Documentary

In the heart of Pune's old city lanes stands a home where time takes on a whole new meaning. This is the home and workshop of Aditya Sambhare the only man in India to create skeletal watches from scratch. Here is an insight into the world of this timekeeper.

An Automobile Documentary Series

Friction - An eight-part documentary series that tells the stories of India's adventurers, collectors and builders of all things that move on the road. Vroom ahead!

Padhaku Panda

A podcast all about digging into the nitty-gritties of everything under the Sun. It’s a conversation between nerdy, geeky eccentrics who love finding the magical in the mundane because the devil (and often all the fun facts) is in the detail.

What makes
an LMB Original?

Well, we do. In every sense of the word, an LMB Original is made when we come up with an idea, be it a film, documentary, web series or even a podcast, and just can’t let go. These are our passion projects, the reason we got into the business in the first place.

All LMB originals have something to say, they have a unique visual language (dare we say an Original voice) and they have been funded and created solely by us.

And we are disproportionately proud of them.