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Whether you are making a feature film, employee showcase, TVC or anything in between, we have got you covered.


We have been making corporate branding and communication videos for some of the most reputable organizations out there such as Western Digital, UBS, BMC Software Kia Motors, Epiroc (previously a part of Atlas Copco) and many more over the past ten years.

LMB brings craft to the table with a unique narrative, a pristine aesthetic, and a clear vision of what the story needs to be—this is what sets us apart from the crowd. Our video storylines are based on the requirements of our clients. This means that we take the time to understand your objectives, whether it is to communicate better with your employees, marketing and brand building, or for a sales proposals and presentations. So, if you are looking for a reliable partner who you can trust with your vision. Look no further, we got this.

Enzigma | Company Culture

Dassult Systems | Leadership Interview

Ashbe | Manufacturing Expertise


Advertisements or TVCs present a unique challenge. Having just seconds to get your message across and making sure your viewers never forget it, is a thrill we love to chase.

This is a place where we really get to flex our creative muscles. We make sure that our concepts are fresh and unique while remaining true to your brand. At LMB we do our best to create an aesthetic that mirrors brand identity in every advertisement project we take on and this philosophy has served us well with clients such as Morphy Richards, Kia Motors, Kaira and the Akanksha Foundation to mention a few.

Kia | Viral Content feat. Be YouNick

Livpure Sleep | Quirky Brand Film

Akanksha Foundation | TVC feat. Boman Irani


Documentaries are a very important part of who we are. We can’t claim to be storytellers if we can’t seek the magic in the mundane and the living history behind stone. Ever wondered why someone would run an ultra-marathon in the impossible conditions of Ladakh or what it really takes to create just one tabla? These are the questions that keep us up at night, and more often than not, we find our answers in people. Wonderful, strange, passionate and incredible people. And we are irresistibly drawn to telling their stories the only way we know how - through the lens.

Studio Alternatives

The Watchmaker

Global Queens

Animation and Explainer Videos

Humanity has been using the narrative to educate, instruct and engage since the beginning of time. Today, with technology at on our side, the ways and means to impart knowledge are limitless.

At LMB we recognize the power of animation and have spent years honing our skills in multiple mediums like 2D & 3D animation, stop-motion, compositing, and game design. Animation is one of the most malleable tools in a visual storyteller’s hand. No matter how complex a concept is, we will find a way to contextualize, simplify, and engage. It can be bent and shaped to convey any message with maximum impact while leaving its viewers dazzled and delighted.

Animation Demo Reel

Tale of the Tamatar | Motion Graphic Animation

HCL IATM | SaaS Explainer Video

Music Videos

Our foray into the world of music videos is fuelled purely by our love of the sound. Our studio is full of audiophiles and more than half of us play an instrument. This infatuation with music and background gives us a unique edge. We know that a video must always be faithful to the core of the song and the artist. We don’t shy away from creating the visually striking masterpiece that your track deserves using a host of mix media, animation, live action and motion graphics.

Over the years our music videos have been recognized by a number of channels such as VH1 and Voot. We have also topped the charts at Rolling Stone India for creating the best Indian music video of 2017.

Run Pussy Run - Roaches

तलप (Talap) - MC Dodo

Easy Wanderlings - Dream to Keep us Going

Aerial and Automobile

Get bigger and bolder. Our expertise with the drone allows us to capture scale like never before. When a cinematic eye lends itself to a drone camera, magic happens. Another thing that we have a unique expertise in, is automobile coverage. Automobile shoots come with their own set of exciting and specific challenges and having worked with the auto industry years, we know all the ins and outs to make your film stand out.

Aerial Reel

Automobile Reel

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